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Oil Industry Booming, but at What Cost?

Texas is a state that prospers largely thanks to the booming oil and gas industry. But this financial success comes at a brutal cost – the lives of hundreds of young men who look to the industry for its income and growth opportunities, only to be killed on the job. Too often, these deaths occur […]

31 Year Old Veteran Killed Working in Eagle Ford Shale

No amount of money can truly compensate for the death of a loved one. But when an innocent man loses his life while working to provide for his family, the family is at least entitled to the financial security that can come from a wrongful death lawsuit. Oilfield Worker Killed on Job One such family […]

How To Handle A Bad Faith Claim

It is no surprise that many insurance companies turn down certain claims for many reasons that are completely acceptable to the situation. However if you feel like your insurance company has been trying to walk away without paying your claim, underpaying your claim, or merely taking longer than usual to process your claim, you may […]