Monthly Archives: March 2014

Truck Accidents: The Long Haul

Can you imagine 10,000 pounds or greater coming towards you at over 60 miles per hour? That’s exactly what survivors of 18-wheeler accidents have felt. Damages from this type of accident range from fatalities, financial hardship, and stressful legal processes that may end unfairly. Nothing can prepare a family for this sort of tragedy and […]

How To Win A Lawsuit Against Your Home Insurance Company

Let’s face it, the idea of going against your insurance company seems extremely overwhelming. Some see the uphill battle and decide to completely give in, but at what cost? Letting your home insurance company win shouldn’t be an option, and this is how you’ll prevent that from happening. Gather all Information This first step is […]

Force Placed Insurance: You vs. Banks and Insurance Companies

As if homeowners needed another reason to be wary of their insurance company, now some homeowners should be worried about the combined forces of both their insurance company and their bank ripping them off. Just how are they doing this? Imagine that your home has either had a cancelled (either by you or your company) […]

Riders On The TWIA Storm

Sand and the salty (but refreshing) scent of beaches are a couple of reasons why people decide to build a life by the water. Although the tropical atmosphere offers serenity and a mock-permanent vacation, homeowners face various tragic events annually in natural disasters and financial fluctuations. Coastal Texans came together this March to voice their […]