Car Accidents: When A Personal Injury Lawyer Is Needed

As careful as a driver as you may be, some times you just can’t avoid car accidents. And it sure helps speed things along if the other driver is cooperating and your insurance company has been responsive. Often times, this is not the case and unfortunately you may have to look into other options in order to get what you are rightly owed. One of these options is hiring an attorney.

Hiring an attorney for an auto accident is a deeply involved process, and you should be warned that this route should only be taken if your life, or that of a family member, has been severely affected by serious injury. We’ll be the first to say that hiring an attorney for minor personal injuries can be counter effective, possibly costing you more.

Here are three situations where you’ll need an attorney to help you:

The other driver has caused complications. Whether this means that the other driver is disputing who was at fault, was either uninsured or underinsured or has misrepresented themselves in any other way or is disputing any other elements of how the accident occurred. This may seem like an uphill battle considering it can turn into a full on he-said, she-said, but if you know that you weren’t at fault for the accident or deserve the proper coverage for the underinsured/uninsured motorist, you shouldn’t back down.

Your insurance company has made the claims process more complicated than it needs to be. Maybe your insurance company has underpaid a claim, or you took a lower claim after the accident because of your dire need for medical bill expenses, but now have determined that the payment will not even begin to cover lost wages and damages occurred from the accident.

Or say that the other driver’s bodily injury liability  is causing trouble. Though it may cover medical bills, lost earnings, legal defense and pain and suffering, you may find that what an insurance company is willing to offer won’t be enough.

As much as you want to try to go at it alone, your main focus should be getting your life back to normal after your accident. If your current situation falls under either of these circumstances, you should seriously consider hiring an attorney to take on your case against your insurance company. You cannot fight alone. Call (713) 864-3000 to receive help today.