Property Damage

Top Winter Damage Claims Denied By Insurance Companies

Winter weather is slowly encroaching on Texas homes, and possible winter storms, and with that comes new home damage insurance claims for insurance companies to deny. Here are a few of the top winter damage claims that may be denied, delayed or underpaid this winter that you need to know about. Fire Damage According to […]

The 2 Biggest Misconceptions About Flood Insurance

With high waters and strong winds touching areas of Phoenix, AZ, it provides a good platform to talk about flood insurance and its common misconceptions among homeowners. Not until it is too late do homeowners discover that their standard homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover flooding. Here’s what you need to know to keep that from happening to you. […]

Hail Damage Claims: Why Your Insurance Isn’t Enough

Having an insurance policy just isn’t enough to cover your roof due to hail damage because if it were, insurance companies would accept policy and fully pay out insurance claims left and right as opposed to denying them. As the statute of limitations nears for lawsuits from those affected by twin hailstorms in Hidalgo County […]

Truck Accidents: The Long Haul

Can you imagine 10,000 pounds or greater coming towards you at over 60 miles per hour? That’s exactly what survivors of 18-wheeler accidents have felt. Damages from this type of accident range from fatalities, financial hardship, and stressful legal processes that may end unfairly. Nothing can prepare a family for this sort of tragedy and […]

What You Need To Know About Uninsured Motorist Coverage

You’ve just been hit, and just as you’re getting ready to exchange insurance information, you quickly discover that the car that just hit you is without insurance. It’s a common scenario with 14% of car accidents per year caused by a motorist without insurance. But, what exactly do you need to watch out for? And […]

Avoiding Fraudulence After Natural Disasters

Even at the most vulnerable moments in an individual’s life, greed lingers in opportunistic crevices. Natural disasters expose the world to emotional, physical, and financial hardships which in many cases, seem impossible to overcome. Seeking legal guidance is itself, an overwhelming process for a hurricane victim. However, many criminals and con artists take advantage of […]

2013 Hurricanes May Threaten Inland Homes

Homeowners living inland should look into their insurance policies, as a new phenomenon, known as the “brown ocean” effect, could result in stronger storms that persist on land. 

Train Collides With 18-Wheeler in Harris County

On Friday, January 25, an 18-wheeler carrying a gigantic compressor motor was crossing freight train tracks at the intersection of U.S. Highway 290 and Telge Road in northwestern Harris County when, for an unknown reason, it became trapped on the crossing.