Houston Commercial Litigation

Finding lawyers who are skilled in business law and also experienced commercial litigation practitioners can often be difficult. Look no further. At the Byrd Law Firm, all of our lawyers are experienced Houston Commercial Litigation Lawyers.

Our commercial litigation practice involves representation of clients in a variety of types of disputes. We use aggressive and smart techniques to reach the best business and legal results possible for our clients.

Some Of Our Commercial Litigation Practices Include:

  • Buy Sell Agreements and Disputes
  • Class Actions
  • Complex Multi-State, Multi-Party Litigation
  • Contract Disputes and Litigation
  • Covenant Not to Compete Litigation
  • Deceptive Trade Practices Litigation
  • Franchisor/Franchisee Disputes and Litigation
  • Partnership/Shareholder Disputes and Litigation
  • Trade Secret Litigation

Examples Of Our Experience In Commercial Litigation Matters Includes:

  • Representation of a minority shareholder in a multimillion dollar closely held corporation after the minority shareholder was squeezed out by the majority shareholder. The majority shareholder initiated the lawsuit and demanded substantial amounts of money from the minority shareholder. In less than six months, we resolved the matter favorably on behalf of our client under confidential terms and the result was a dismissal of all claims by the majority shareholder against the minority shareholder and the transfer of significant assets including cash and real estate holdings to the minority shareholder. The total settlement was valued at a seven figure amount.
  • Representation of over four hundred clients in three states (Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi) against our clients’ national mortgage company for its practices in handling their mortgage accounts.
  • Representation of numerous doctors and doctors groups in disputes over employment agreements, group management and covenants not to compete.
  • Representation of a small specialty software/hardware company in trade secret litigation against its much larger distributor. This matter resulted in a confidential settlement in less than six months.

Representation of oil and gas leaseholders against a large oil and gas production company for drainage. This matter resulted in a confidential settlement.

  • Representation of a large publicly traded company in a UCC dispute with a purchaser of its products.
  • Representation of a distributor of oil related products in a dispute with the much larger manufacturer of the products after the manufacturer took steps to force our client out of his business. This matter was successfully resolved on behalf of our client in less than three months.
  • Representation of numerous real estate investors and investor groups in disputes with municipalities, competing investors, and other governmental agencies.

At the Byrd Law Firm, we understand that in today’s world a commercial litigation practice is not an area of law where one size fits all. For each potential commercial litigation dispute we carefully review all of the facts available and help our clients tailor a plan for moving forward. We work to economically and efficiently reach the best solution or resolution for our client as quickly as possible. This often requires thinking outside of the proverbial box and employing all avenues of relief including creative injunctive relief.

The Byrd Law Firm is unique in the fact that its lawyers have traditional big firm training in handling commercial litigation, however we not only are we experienced, but we are often willing to be creative in fee arrangements. We commonly handle commercial matters on a contingency fee basis. If we take on a commercial matter, we place all of our considerable resources to work and are willing to take the risk of litigation with our client.

To learn more about our commercial litigation experience and how we can help you, contact The Byrd Law Firm at (713) 864-3000.