Houston Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

Any insurance company that withholds payment of an undisputed part of a claim that is supposed to be paid once the disputed portion is settled, for example, is acting in bad faith. Also, insurance companies that don’t give quick, fair, and equitable claim settlements to their insured customers are acting in bad faith. 

Basically, anything that an insurance company does that hinders a claim or other insurance processes can be considered bad faith. There are many different reasons for filing bad faith claims. Ultimately, the bottom line is the same: the insurance company didn’t uphold their end of the deal, forcing the insured person to file a bad faith claim. There are no exact regulations that define exactly what qualifies as bad faith, but there are a broad range of things that you need to think about when it comes to getting what you deserve from your insurance company.

Examples Of Bad Faith Claims

bad faith insurance ripping contract

  • Delaying the processing and handling of a claim
  • Refusing to pay claims based on the available information and an investigation that is performed
  • Failing to inform the insured of forms that are required in the claims process
  • Using policy provisions that were ruled invalid in previous instances

Fight Bad Faith Insurance Companies

Every state has different regulations or suggestions of what qualifies as bad faith claims. However, when you become the victim of one, you shouldn’t rely on the insurance company to tell you whether or not they’ve done something wrong. You need to hire a qualified lawyer to ensure that you get the service that you deserve and don’t get taken advantage of by a bad insurance company.

If you feel like you’re being taken for granted or not being treated fairly by your insurance company, call (713) 864-3000 today to speak to a bad faith insurance attorney in Houston.