Houston Personal Injury Attorney

Have you or a loved one been injured due to the negligence of an outside party? If so, you may find yourself scared and confused as to where to turn. Don’t let your fears and uncertainties keep you from receiving the compensation that you deserve. Get the help of a qualified personal injury attorney at The Byrd Law Firm.

With offices in Houston and Beaumont, we are ready to provide you with the experienced legal representation you need to handle your personal injury case. Our attorneys have aggressively represented clients with their personal injury matters to make sure they receive the compensation they are entitled to. We can provide that same legal representation for you.

Just Been In A Car Accident?

You’re facing lost wages and medical expenses, and now you’re dealing with problems from your insurance company, and its lawyers and adjusters. Let the experts take care of the compensation you deserve while you focus on your health and recovery. Learn how we can help.

I Have Mesothelioma From Asbestos Exposure.

Companies knew the risk and potential hazards of asbestos, yet failed to warn workers of the danger. We have represented families from all over the nation who have suffered the devastating consequences of asbestos exposure including mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. Let us help your family too.

Is Your Offshore Injury Compensation Enough?

Most times, it’s not. Offshore companies, and its insurance companies, have their own lawyers who work hard to minimize their client’s losses by ensuring you’re paid as little as possible. Don’t let this unnerving thought become a reality for you and your family. Find out how we can maximize your compensation.

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Oilfield Injuries

Defective equipment, overtime work and toxic chemical exposure are only the beginning of the hazards you face during oilfield drilling. Worker’s compensation is never enough. We work hard to make sure you receive just financial compensation from every responsible party. Learn how.

How Can I Fight A Dangerous or Defective Product?

By getting the help of product liability experts who deal with released consumer products that are hazardous to your health, you’re preventing future accidents and harm.  Let us hold both companies and manufacturers responsible for the dangerous products they’ve released for purchase. Take on these manufacturers today.

18 Wheeler Truck Accidents

You’ve just been in a trucking accident and now have to face the ins and outs of the accident investigation, worrying for your lost wages and medical bills, on top of focusing on recovering from the accident. If it sounds daunting- that’s because it is. You need a truck accident lawyer with experience who can handle your case while you focus on your health. Get help for your trucking accident today.

Wrongful Death: Get the Truth

The tragedy of a loved one’s death is only made worse when you discover that death could have been prevented entirely. While money can’t begin to make this situation go away, the financial obligations after death can be diminished. You can get help for funeral costs, loss of future wages, and more. Find out how.

All of our Houston personal injury attorneys began their careers as defense lawyers. Thus, we all have experience and know how the other side will act to fight your case. This experience, coupled with hard work, state of the art technology, top notch investigators, and legal know how, allows us to successfully represent our clients.

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