How To Win A Lawsuit Against Your Home Insurance Company

Let’s face it, the idea of going against your insurance company seems extremely overwhelming. Some see the uphill battle and decide to completely give in, but at what cost? Letting your home insurance company win shouldn’t be an option, and this is how you’ll prevent that from happening.

Gather all Information

This first step is the hardest because it requires a lot of time and effort from you, but it is the most important part of the case. This is where cases are won or lost, and it all depends on how much information you can gather. What exactly do we mean information? Think of every letter, email, phone conversation and every person you have made contact with. Your attorney needs all of that in order to prepare a proper fight against your insurance company. If you haven’t already, start documenting everything and gathering it for your records. Any efforts to correct or contact your insurance company is what your team will need to see, and can ultimately determine if you are rewarded.

Determine Your Chances

We know that you’ve already chosen an attorney who you feel will best represent your case, however question whether or not your case against your insurance company is worth it. Dig deeper than what your attorneys are telling you and question their moves to make sure that you aren’t spinning your wheels. A good attorney will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns about your case.

Discovery, Mediation & Trial

So you and your attorneys have decided to file a complaint against your insurance company, and you have already received an answer. Note that this will not happen overnight. The frustrating thing about a case against insurance companies is that it may take time for all of this litigation to occur so your patience is not only appreciated, it’s almost necessary.

Any case that isn’t settled during mediation will go to trial. Don’t be disheartened during the mediation process, especially if your insurance company doesn’t seem to be budging- outcomes can completely change during trial time.

Should a judge determine that the insurance company is in the wrong and you are deserved payment, make sure that you document all of this correspondence as well. Some companies shy away from payment after the ruling has been determined. Don’t loose contact or give up, often that is exactly what they hope you will do.

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