Houston Hurricane Damage Lawyer


high school near beaumont flooded after ritaHurricane insurance claim can be a big hassle for anyone who lives in the Houston and Galveston areas. Why? Well the fact is, there are so many loopholes and stipulations that there’s no telling how your insurance company is going to deny your claim or undervalue it. That said, you don’t have to let the insurance company get one over on you. You can level out the playing field by getting a hurricane damage lawyer.

The last few years of weather haven’t been very kind to Houston and Galveston area homeowners. And in many cases, neither have the insurance companies. But the truth is, the insurance companies have to pay you what you’re entitled to. You need someone to help them live up to their end of the bargain. You could benefit from hiring a Byrd Law hurricane damage lawyer if you:

  • have experienced a mishandled insurance claim,
  • were denied compensation related to past hurricanes,
  • had a claim that was delayed unnecessarily.

If any of the above describes your situation, don’t hesitate to get help from an experienced insurance lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the insurance companies.

Handling Hurricane Claims

The insurance companies love collecting a check from you. Your premium checks fuel their own investments and operations. But on the other hand, they often loathe having to write out a check to compensate you when the time finally arrives. So often they’ll look for any way possible to get around paying anything out to you.

One common way they do this is what we call “the blame game.” It works like this:

  1. Your windstorm insurance providers will say that your damage is caused by flooding. Therefore, your flood insurance should cover it.
  2. If you have flood insurance (which you should depending on where you live), your flood insurance providers will say that the damage should be covered by your windstorm providers.
  3. You’re stuck with a damaged home and no money to fix it while everyone points fingers.

That’s where we come in. When you call us to be your hurricane attorney, we’ll get the facts straight for you. We’ll check your policies thoroughly to understand all the regulations, stipulations, and procedures. We’ll also carefully examine your claim. And once we’ve done all the homework for you, we’ll be ready to take on your insurance companies for you.

Don’t just sit back and accept defeat. If you’re entitled to compensation, then the insurance companies have to pay. Contact us today and take advantage of an experienced hurricane damage lawyer who has handled many similar claims.

Hurricane Ike and Rita Claims

Hurricane claims are a big hassle for anyone who lives in Houston, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Galveston or other coastal areas of southeast Texas. There are so many loopholes in these hurricane policies – don’t let insurance companies get one over on you. If you have Hurricane Ike or Rita claims that are mishandled, denied, or delayed unnecessarily, you need to do something about it.

First of all, you should check your policy thoroughly to make sure that you understand all the regulations, stipulations, and procedures in the event that a claim needs to be made. Once you clearly understand your policy you will be better able to fight for the Hurricane Ike or Rita Claims that you deserve to have filed and processed quickly and efficiently. One very important thing to know about hurricane claims is that you need to have flood insurance with the hurricane policy.

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