Houston Product Liability Attorney

Poorly designed or manufactured products are responsible for an immeasurable amount of injuries and deaths each year. The product liability attorneys at The Byrd Law Firm ardently pursue these cases to ensure that victims receive their rightful compensation.

Our Houston product liability attorneys routinely deal with consumer products that pose hazards for choking, fire, electrocution and poisoning. Safety gear that fails to adequately protect, malfunctioning sports gear, dangerous tools, and defective automobiles and auto equipment all fall under the category of product liability.

If you have been seriously injured, or if a loved one has been seriously injured or killed due to the deficiency of a consumer product, you need a product liability attorney with the experience and resources to successfully handle your product liability case. Our product liability attorneys can do that for you.

The Byrd Law Firm has experienced and qualified product liability attorneys dedicated to helping those injured by dangerous or defective products. We help our clients obtain the compensation they deserve. Further, we help prevent future accidents by holding the companies and manufacturers accountable for dangerous products they have placed on the market.

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