Houston Oilfield Injury Lawyer

Whether working at sea or on land, few jobs are as dangerous as drilling for oil. Unfortunately, oilfield drilling rig accidents have continued to increase dramatically in the past several years. As oil and gas become increasingly scarce, and prices skyrocket, oil companies often cut corners and push workers beyond their limits with overtime and double shifts. In an environment characterized by speed, corporate greed and bad judgment, tragic injuries often result.

If you have suffered serious injuries or a loved one has died, make sure your security and the legal rights of your loved ones are protected.

Our Houston personal injury lawyers have been fighting for fair compensation for oilfield workers and their families for years. We represent injured workers throughout Texas, and the United States.

We handle injury and wrongful death claims for oilfield accidents caused by third-party contractors (mud loggers, wireline operators, frac companies, or rig movers), or accidents that occur during testing, frac jobs, wireline operations, oil well drilling, well restoration, and workover activities, such as:

  • Well drilling or servicing
  • Compressor stations
  • Pump jacks and pumping operations
  • Work rig collapses
  • Falls from rigs and equipment
  • Equipment failures
  • Frac tank mishaps
  • Well blowouts
  • Explosions and fires

oilfield accident on oil rig

Oilfield accidents often result in serious personal injuries, such as severe burns and electrocution, broken backs and necks from falls, head injuries from falling equipment, loss of limbs from explosions or defective equipment, and exposure to toxic chemicals and gases.  Due to the dangerous nature of this type of work, oil field accidents unfortunately can end in the death of a worker. Worker’s Compensation insurance is often not enough.

If you have been seriously injured, you may find that Workers Compensation insurance is not enough to fully compensate for your losses. Oilfield accident claims can become extremely complicated. Fortunately, our oilfield injury lawyers have decades of experience handling oilfield accident and personal injury cases. We will pursue fair and just compensation for temporary and permanent injuries and disability. We work hard to ensure you receive financial recovery from every responsible party.

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