Houston Property Damage Attorney

The insurance industry is a trillion dollar business, and they shouldn’t deny valid claims. Both residential and commercial property damage claims are getting denied, delayed or underpaid left and right by insurance companies, but what can you do about your mishandled claim?

Commercial Property Insurance Claims

commercial property damage - flooded work office

You’ve paid your premium, read your policy correctly and thought your business was completely covered against the unexpected. Unfortunately, while you were expecting an easy process of getting your business’ damage claim handled, your insurance company responded with a denied claim, an undervalued payout, or maybe they just didn’t respond at all.

You’re being taken advantage of and your case is being mishandled. The bottom line – you need help. The attorneys at The Byrd Law Firm are experts at taking on insurance companies, both large and small, to get you the payout your business deserves.

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Denied Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners aren’t alone against their insurance company either. You may feel like you don’t have the power to fight back on a denied, delayed, or undervalued home insurance claim but most insurance companies thrive on homeowners giving up. Don’t fall into this trap.

Whether it’s water leaks, mold claims, structural damage, or an incident of fire in your home, your insurance company shouldn’t deny your claim for something you were lead to believe you were covered for. Get the help you need to get the money you deserve with The Byrd Law Firm. Your homeowners insurance claim doesn’t deserve to be ignored.

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