Beaumont Insurance Lawyer

Insurance companies are undervaluing and denying insurance claims left and right. If one of those claims is yours, you deserve the right to fight for what you deserve.

Whether they are delaying your claim, undervaluing a claim, or denying your claim altogether, insurance companies can be the last person on the list of those who are paying attention to your best interests.

Homeowner and Commercial Property Insurance Claims

Our biggest interest and area of expertise is solving problems with insurance companies regarding home or business property damage claims that either go underpaid or unanswered. Jason Byrd served as lead counsel successfully representing thousands of policy holders, both big and small, throughout the United States whose claims had been improperly evaluated or denied. These policy holders include homeowners, business owners and even churches.

The Byrd Law Firm has represented hundreds of clients in disputes with their insurance companies including:

  • mold claims
  • fire claims
  • wind claims
  • hail claims
  • theft claim

Wind, Hail and Hurricane Insurance

Wind, hail and hurricane insurance are most often policies that support your homeowners or commercial property insurance policy as a way to make up for what it won’t cover. Many homeowners and commercial property owners initially think that their basic policy will cover these items but unfortunately they don’t. So insurance companies wanted to clarify things a bit and created insurance policies specifically for these types of occurrences. Sounds like the insurance company is really looking out for you, right? Only insurance companies are now using this policy as another way to cheat policyholders from the coverage they are owed.

The Byrd Law Firm handles wind, hail and hurricane insurance claims from all over the United States, including coastal regions. Don’t go back and forth between wind, flood and hail policies that all say the other should pay for your damages.

While we handle plenty of property damage insurance claims, it is not our only focus. There are still many ways that you can take action against your insurance company.

Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

If you feel like your insurance company has purposefully ignored or delayed your claim, or has denied your claim without reason, you should absolutely not cave in. Think of the last time your insurance company failed to give you proper notification? All of these instances are your insurance company acting in “bad faith” which means that they aren’t holding up to their end of the contract in looking out for your well being in the insurance process.

Bad faith claims vary from state to state so don’t delay in gaining the upper hand against your insurance company for the hurdles they’ve placed in front of you.

Uninsured Motorist Claim

While your insurance policy should cover the rare instance that you should have a collision with an uninsured or underinsured motorist, sometimes your best interests just aren’t front of mind for insurance companies. Liability coverage has confusing language that is meant to leave you in the dark and leave your insurance company free to dodge paying out claims.

Don’t let an unfortunate auto accident with an underinsured motorist or uninsured motorist propel your insurance company to further cheat you out of the coverage you’re deserved.

No matter what your insurance situation may be, the experienced attorneys at the Byrd Law Firm are ready to take on your case. Although our offices are located in Texas, we are not limited to the Lone Star State. We maintain relationships with attorneys all over the United States in order to provide the best quality of defense against your insurance company.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a commercial property owner, or a church, don’t let any insurance company dictate what you believe you have coverage for. Call our Beaumont insurance attorneys at The Byrd Law Firm at (409) 924-0660!