Monthly Archives: April 2014

Why Life Insurance Claims Get Denied

Life insurance policies are a mixture of creating a safe and comfortable living situation for family and friends, and a gloomy preparation of what will unfortunately come. But creating a safe and comfortable living situation for family and friends could also lead to an area of obscurity. Your life insurance policy should prepare for the […]

Hail Damage Claims: Why Your Insurance Isn’t Enough

Having an insurance policy just isn’t enough to cover your roof due to hail damage because if it were, insurance companies would accept policy and fully pay out insurance claims left and right as opposed to denying them. As the statute of limitations nears for lawsuits from those affected by twin hailstorms in Hidalgo County […]

The Most Common Allstate Insurance Complaints

Allstate has been able to charm its way into customers’ hearts over the years by ensuring them that they are “In Good Hands.” Well Allstate, we don’t understand how customers are in good hands when agents cancel policies without warning, deny claims, ignore claims, and more. There have been an enormous amount of complaints regarding the […]

3 Reasons You Need An Attorney For Your Car Accident

You or a loved one has just been in a major car accident, and the damages are extensive. The first response is getting the medical help those involved will need. After the dust from the accident settles and you’re ready to move forward with your insurance claim, you may find resistance either from your insurance […]